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Comic 058 – Urinal Cake

July 30, 2010

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Experimenting with shading on this one. I wanted this to be a bit more clean, more like a cartoon than anything. Less blurry and soft and more sharp and almost impressionistic. A summary of the image, instead of an attempt at realism. As always, comments are welcome!

Comic 057 – Copy Machine

July 28, 2010

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No shading this time, unless you count the floor. There’s a lot there already so I figured I didn’t really need to put down anything to make it more intense. I was thinking of maybe trying a simple shading style (hard lines instead of soft blurred outlines to shadows) but I think I’ll try that some other time. I think I did alright keeping the lines for the people as natural-looking as possible. I think that the girl turned out better than the dude.

Framing this one was also pretty hard. I initially had thought that maybe I might want to do a view from behind them, with the periscope looking between rows of desks, but that might have made the periscope get lost in the detail of the image.

SBC 009 – All Star

July 27, 2010

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Comic 056 – Mail Box

July 26, 2010

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Not sure about the background on this one. I did a lot of the shading work and I think it turned out well so I think that will offset the lack of interesting imagery. Any thoughts about the art style are welcome – I’m not quite sure if I should subscribe to the commonly-seen simple hard shading or continue to try to use smooth complex shading. Does it make a difference? You decide.

Comic 055 – Cool Beans

July 23, 2010

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These beans make your beans look like losers.

I was wondering if the background might be a little too blurry. I was in a bit of a rush doing it and didn’t use a brush with a blurred edge to make the sky, so I had to blur the background. I could have just blurred the sky and left everything else less blurred, but thought that it would have looked strange.

Credit to Taylor N. for this idea. Some interpretations might have also been beans that had been frozen, with or without sunglasses, rather than this beach bum variety above.

Comic 054 – Caffeine Crash

July 21, 2010

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Oh, the brewfanity!

Other ideas for a visual pun to match this joke involved a train with many different kinds of energy drinks derailing. I liked this one because of the ridiculousness of coffee beans being train cars. I want to live in the world where giant beans are used to accomplish tasks like shipping and transportation.

I think that the shading on the beans themselves could have had a bit more contrast and their shines might have looked better a bit more blurred, but beyond that the beans are okay I think. The background (or ground, I should say) was a little simplistic, but I spent all of my time shading the beans and bean fragments. Any feedback is appreciated!

SBC 008 – Sourpuss

July 20, 2010

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Comic 053 – Venetian Bear

July 19, 2010

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Comic 052 – Micro Management

July 16, 2010

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Comic 051 – Collar ID

July 14, 2010

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